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spross's Journal

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Steven Ross
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I'm 40 something, was born in Ottawa, but live in Vernon, Ontario; I've been working as a casual Maintaince Helper for the City of Ottawa for about a while now. I am currently taking night classes at Algonquin Collage in the Library & Information Technician program and hope to get a job in the Ottawa Public Library soon. I've been roleplaying since 1985/6 or roughly.

I'm an avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, and have more recently taken an interest in Roman mysteries, and historical works and non-fiction, have a fascination with various aspects of science, am a Half-hearted music fan (Jethro Tull, Renaissance, and assorted others). In high school I tried my hand at doing short fiction in an attempt to improve my cursive writing skills, but give it up about 30 years ago. Recently I've made a tentative stab at writing again. I've also sketched off and on over the years.

My roleplaying interests include DRAGONQUEST, DC SUPERHEROES, UNIVERSE, FVMINATA, STAR WARS D6, MEKTON ZETA, SPACE 1889, CASTLE FALKENSTEIN, 2300 AD, CONTINUUM, and HOLLOW EARTH EXPEDITION. I have playtested products for several game companies, and three of the notable systems I worked on are WITCHCRAFT, HERCULES & XENA and THE DYING EARTH.

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